Find Your Perfect Getaway At Dubai

Dubai in recent years has grown at a skyrocketing speed.  Situated in the east of the Arabian Peninsula and Southwest of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is known for the constantly shining sunshine, breathtaking coastline, large deserts and never ending shopping malls. The world’s fastest growing country has sprouted from a desert and has constructed the tallest building in the world. Dubai is home to the most popular international travel destinations and luxurious hotels in the world. Dubai has an activity for every insatiable soul that leaves you asking for more.

We have listed 5 reasons as you why Dubai should be the next place to visit in your list.

1.Dune Bashing

If you are an adventurer at heart, then Dune bashing is a thing for you. Ride a camel, go sand boarding down the sand dunes, enjoy the barbeque dinner, enjoy exotic belly dancing or watch the Bedouin culture, Dubai sand dunes offers innumerable options to give you a memorable day.

  1. Record-holding structures:

Dubai is a city of skyscrapers. Dubai has the tallest building in the world ‘Burj Khalifa’, Palm-shaped islands, Burj Al Arab, and Miracle Garden. Dubai is constantly on its way to prove the words said by Sheikh Mohammed’s: “In Dubai, we do not wait for things to happen. We make them happen.”


  1. Unique Culture and Tradition:

The high number of expats make Dubai a global city. It is majorly dominated by Islamic and Arabic culture. The every time ongoing festivals, make Dubai more exciting. Despite all the festivals, the major festival celebrated in Dubai is Eid which is observed for a whole month.

Visit Dubai and see something or the other happening every day.


  1. Paradise for shopaholics:

There is no doubt on the fact that why Dubai is surpassing tourism with every coming year. Dubai has the biggest mall in the world, with 3 Starbucks in a single mall (yes, you read it right). From flea markets to a month-long shopping festival, Dubai is filled with uncountable local and international shopping brands.

Next time you visit Dubai try your luck at giveaways where you might get a chance to win cars and gold.

  1. Adventure and Entertainment:

Skiing, Hot air balloon ride, Skydive, Watersports or Underwater zoo. Tick as many boxes as you can from your bucket list and start feeling the adrenaline rush. Start the adventure and enjoy the various views at various places. You just can’t get enough of the adventures in Dubai.